College timings are from 8.00 a.m to 3.30 p.m. Students are not permitted to enter in to the campus after 8.00 a.m and are also not allowed to leave the college before 3.30 pm. During the college hours visitors are strictly not entertained to meet the students.
All the students inside the campus should be neatly dressed. All the boys are expected to wear self coloured pants with their shirts neatly tucked in. They should wear shoes only (Sports shoes and Slippers are not permitted). Girls should wear Salwar Kameez with V shaped dhupata pinned on either sides of the shoulder. The following Dress regulation should be followed in the Lab/Workshop:
Lab Students Dress Code
Physics, Chemistry, Computer, and Electronics Boys and Girls White-over coat with leather shoes.
Electrical Lab, Basic Workshop, F.M., S.M. Machine Shop, Welding, Foundry, Dynamics
Thermal and Electrical
Boys and Girls Pants and khaki half sleeved shirt with leather shoes.


Each student will be provided with an Identity Card with his/her name and photo with their proper details. They Should wear the Identity Card inside the campus and while traveling in the college bus.


Smoking or other forms of consumption of tobacco will not be permitted inside the campus Students should not carry the cell phones; it found with cell phones severe action will be taken Boys and girls should not wear any costly gold ornaments in the college campus.


All students should make note of the following leave regulations and are expected to abide by these rules while they apply for leave.


For medical leave, the Medical Certificate should be enclosed along with the leave letter signed by parent.


  • Leave letter should be submitted on the previous day itself with the parent’s signature. (Or)
  • Leave letter should be submitted on the first day of leave through anyone of his/her friends. (Or)
  • Parents may make a phone call to the office and inform the respective attendance in charge, regarding their ward’s leave.
  • For medical leave, the Medical Certificate should be enclosed along with the leave letter, signed by the parent.


For any family function or other medical/health reasons the parent should come in person and avail the leave from the respective attendance in charge. Otherwise, the administration will be constrained to remove the student from the college.


All requisition letters for leave, medical certificate, permission, hostel matters including permission and leave should be addressed to the Principal. Students should take prior permission before absenting himself from the class, failure of which will be viewed seriously and the parents will be informed of the same.

If any leave taken by the student exceeds 6 days per year, it will be viewed seriously. If the college sends a telegram regarding the leave and other disciplinary issues to the family of the student, then the parents are requested to come in person and requested to meet college Principal in person. Guardians are not permitted in this case. Failure to report may be result in the removal of student’s name from the attendance register.

Service Rules

Students Code of Discipline

Dress Code


  • Should wear only formals with shirts tucked in.
  • Jeans should not be worn.
  • Only formal shoes; sports or canvas shoes are not allowed.
  • Dhothi/ lungi/ shorts are not allowed.
  • Lab coats and prescribed shoes are to be worn during laboratory classes.
  • Wearing short chains around the neck, plastic bracelets are not permitted.


  • Should wear only Chudidhar with Dupatta pinned on both sides.
  • Shoes or strapped slippers are only allowed.
  • Ornaments like anklets, glass bangles, etc. which will cause distraction will not be allowed.
  • Loose hair is not allowed. Hair should be plaited or tied.
  • Lab coats and shoes are to be worn during laboratory classes.


  • Students must carry the college bus pass and individual ID card while travelling by college bus.
  • Students should travel only by the bus route indicated in the bus pass and they should board and alight at the same point in the route.
  • Students should be seated during the journey and footboard travelling is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not move inside the bus or lie down on the seat during the journey.
  • Students should refrain from dancing, singing, shouting, disturbing other students etc. which disturbs the decorum inside the bus.
  • Celebration of bus day, birthday, Holi or any other functions/festivals is strictly prohibited.
  • The instructions given by the faculty members travelling by the bus should be strictly adhered and students should not indulge in any kind of unruliness inside the bus.
  • Students are not allowed to talk with the other gender.


  • Seating arrangements should not be altered by students inside the canteen/mess for any reason.
  • Canteen is meant for limited purpose of dining and should not be used for academic or recreational activities.
  • Misbehavior inside canteen/mess services is an offence and is punishable.
  • Students should be polite and courteous to the canteen staff.
  • Boys and girls should stand in separate queues to collect tokens.
  • Canteen timings should be strictly adhered.
  • Students are not allowed to go to canteen during class hours.


  • Students must wear I.D card in the campus.
  • Students must have their breakfast before the commencement of the first hour.
  • Parents are requested to advice their ward suitably in this matter.
  • Students should not celebrate any function by themselves like Friendship day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Annual day, Teachers day, New Year’s Day, Holi, etc. within the college campus.
  • Students littering (throwing any kind of items such as waste paper, fruit peels, tea cups, plates etc.) are not permitted inside the campus.
  • Use of cameras is not permitted inside the campus, without the written permission from the college authorities.
  • Students indulging in ragging, smoking/consumption of alcohol and physical assault within the campus and college bus is prohibited and students indulging in the same will be dismissed.
  • Scooters/motorcycles usage inside campus is not permitted (and parents are cautioned, in the interest of the safety of their wards, not to permit their wards to travel by scooter/motorcycle/any other two wheeler)
  • Cell phones will not be permitted to be used inside the college campus. Any violation in this regard will entitle appropriate action.
  • Any form of ragging is a serious offence anywhere inside or outside the campus or in the college bus and the same is punishable as per the University and Ministry of Human Resources Development’s guidelines/rules.
  • Students should not sit on the parapet wall.
  • Possession of incriminating documents/books/posters/cassettes etc. is punishable.
  • Use of crackers, on any occasion by students is not permitted.
  • Smoking/chewing pan masala and consuming alcohol is not permitted inside the college and hostel premises.
  • Students found to have caused any damage to the assets of the college will be punished severely besides being penalized for the cost of damages.
  • Possession of lethal weapons is strictly banned and punishable.


  • Students should be punctual to the classes (expected to be inside the classroom at least five mins before the commencement of the class) they should attend all classes regularly and participate fully in all learning and assessment activities.
  • Attendance for tests and Model examinations is compulsory.
  • Test Schedule is as mentioned below:


  • Students cannot absent themselves from the classes without prior approval of the Class Advisors/HoDs.
  • Leave application in the prescribed format should be submitted with the signature of Class/Faculty advisor and HoD. Hostellers should get the leave letter signed by the Class/Faculty advisor, HoD and Warden during holidays. On the other days it has to be submitted with the signature of Class/Faculty advisor and HoD. Those who stay alone in outside hostels will have to obtain approval of their parents/guardians.
  • When students fall sick, intimation should be given to HODs or Class Advisors about the nature of sickness, duration of leave required, etc. On the next day of the absence leave applications (letters) signed by the parents along with doctor’s certificate should be submitted.
  • Students should ensure a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject as they are otherwise not eligible to appear for the University examinations.


Permission or leave on duty will be given only in the following cases:

  • Students who are permitted to take part in paper presentations.
  • A limited number of students will be permitted to take part in cultural, sports and other competitions in other colleges on a ‘first come first served’ basis and the criteria of ‘no arrears’ may also be applicable as appropriate.
  • The institution reserves the right to amend the code of conduct for students as and when the situation warrants.